We have been using technology in each and every domain, be it official or regular household or the education. Technology ushers in changing fundamental structure that we haven’t been thinking if it’s leaving a negative or positing impact or just being relied too much that made us habituated to it!

Technology in education is being used for the fundamental structural changes in achieving significant improvements of students. It is being used to support both learning and teaching. It infuses a student’s academic learning with digital tools like smartphones, tablets and computer. These handheld smart devices, expands the course offerings with study materials and supports a students all the time.

The use of technology in student’s academic life builds 21st century skills by increased engagement and motivation. It also has power to enhance the teaching using the new model of connected teaching. It links teachers around the world with students and helps students to improve with the personalized learning.

Technology helps parents, teachers and students to stay connected with school environment. With this new trends in education, a major impact by technology has been offering students to gain knowledge. Let’s discuss the major technology trends in education this year.

Flipped Learning

The concept of flipped learning is being implemented in many education institutions. It is a form of blended learning. In this module the major role will be on video lectures and online study materials. Students learn their lessons at home by watching video modules and studying content online.

In this module, students learn using online tools instead of learning in a typical classroom from the teacher. Using a mobile-app on the smartphone or tablet students can watch interactive video lectures.

Remote Learning

The remote learning is for those who can’t attend school or a course. For example, working professionals who wants to learn and achieve excellence in education. They can attend class remotely through video and access online content. Further, there will be one-on-one mentoring, use of discussion forums and video conferencing. In this way, students remotely can be in touch with teachers or subject experts. It provides a higher quality of learning without traveling longer distance and also save time.

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Smart Devices

Smart devices like smartphone, smart boards, tablet and computer are used for better learning process of students in classroom. Smart devices are rapidly transforming the traditional classroom strategies by widening its scope to reach out to the necessary resources to finish schooling. You can take any course that are present in traditional colleges or university. Online learning saves your time and energy from driving for a longer distance to attend class for next couple of hours.

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