That decision to move your possessions yourself or hire a professional moving company has to be carefully considered. It may be far cheaper to do-it-yourself but do you really benefit?

Reputable moving companies in Brooklyn are able to accomplish every task more quickly and efficiently than you, leaving you more relaxed and able to cope with a situation that can cause plenty of stress.

Efficient Packing

When it comes to packing, handing it over to professionals has many benefits. You may think that packing yourself is much cheaper but this is not always the case, unless you are a real whizz at packing. Firstly, you will probably use far more boxes than are really needed.

Secondly, possessions may be packed in such a way that they are likely to be damaged. Professional packers are able to pack safely and quickly. They may take just hours to do what would have taken you days, leading to less disruption and more likelihood of possessions being undamaged.

Professional movers also wrap furniture in plastic covers or cover it in the heavy-duty wrap to protect it from dirt, dust, and damage.

Safety and insurance

Moving companies are aware that if they damage your possessions, they have to compensate you for this. They do not operate without insurance, unless they are of the fly-by-night variety.

When you move your possessions yourself, you may not have the insurance to cover this and you will be personally responsible for any damages.

The right equipment

Moving is something a company does on a daily basis so it has the right equipment. A borrowed truck from a friend may be a much cheaper option but it can’t compare with a custom-built truck, designed to move possessions safely. Movers have all the right gadgets to make moving furniture easier. They use hoisting straps, appliance dollies, and ramps.

Whether it’s dismantling pieces of furniture, moving an L-shaped couch through a door or taking a large bed up a flight of stairs, they are able to accomplish this. They are also prepared for heavy lifting whereas you may just damage your back permanently by lifting heavy furniture.

Calculating space

It’s often difficult to estimate the size and number of boxes you need. You may also eyeball the size of the truck to guess how much it can take and totally underestimate. You end up making countless trips and using up more fuel than expected.

These issues don’t involve guesswork for moving companies – they have methods that help them to calculate cubic footage.  They may also offer solutions to difficult moving problems that only come with experience.

Coordinating long distance moves

If your old home is not far from your new one, you may find it easier to move yourself. But when you’re moving further afield, such as to another state, it whole process becomes far more complicated.

A moving company is able to efficiently plan and coordinate all aspects of the move, including giving you a binding written estimate of costs.