Most companies nowadays do their best to nurture their leads and engage with the contacts from their marketing databases. If they fail to do this, they’ll lose a good chance to find a number of new ready-to-buy opportunities. A variety of contacts will stay dormant in their data banks, gradually losing their value and becoming irrelevant.

This is where CRM marketing automation helps businesses use their databases to the maximum effect. According to the recent research, the marketing automation platforms let B2B marketers increase their sales process contribution by 10% or even more. Besides, they help companies encourage their existing buyers by means of targeted personalized email campaigns. As a result, they have better product adoption, cross-sell, and additional purchases.

Bpm’online is a platform designed to satisfy the needs of small, medium, and large businesses. It offers companies a number of out-of-the-box tools for lead management. Bpm’online enables businesses to  generate leads, conduct qualification and distribution of prospects, and push up sales without extra efforts. CRM tools of bpm’online will help you maintain a constant dialogue with your clients, which is very important for your business development and growth.

How to Implement CRM Marketing Automation in Your Email Workflows

If you are eager to get the most out of your contacts base, employ automated email workflows that could activate various groups of customers in your data bank. For this purpose you will need a suitable CRM system. Naturally, there are different software vendors with different platforms, but the general idea of marketing automation remains quite universal.

For instance, you can create personalized email workflows triggered by clients’ behaviors:

  • the first set of emails will be sent when a contact is added to your database;
  • the second – when he fills out a form on your site;
  • the third – when he looks through certain pages on your blog;
  • the fourth – when he clicks on your AdWords ads;
  • the fifth step of CRM marketing automation is when he turns into a qualified lead.

Besides, you can set up your email campaigns in accordance with the particular data about the clients in your marketing database. Take into account the number of page views, social networking clicks, downloads of certain content, etc. Using these pieces of information correctly, you can encourage your prospective buyers to come over to the next stages of interaction with your company.

Best Examples of Email Workflows with CRM Marketing Automation

Here are some variants of the most successful email campaigns created and set up with the help of marketing automation platforms:

  • Topic workflows

They can be devoted to a variety of industry-related topics, connected with the products and services you offer. As soon as your client views the web-pages devoted to certain issues or downloads a corresponding offer, the appropriate workflow will be triggered. The person will receive other useful content concerned with the topic he is interested in – and your business will obtain a new hot lead.

  • Blog subscription workflows

It is a perfect variant to give your new blog subscribers a friendly welcome with corresponding emails created with the use of CRM marketing automation platforms. Thank your new contacts for subscribing, tell them what they can get from your blog, promote the most interesting articles, and so on. Do not forget to trigger this workflow as soon as someone subscribes to your blog.

  • Training workflows

This set of emails is designed for the contacts turned into “customers”. When someone buys your products, you can give him a warm greeting: send him a set of emails describing the nature of the products purchased, offering some other products of the kind, and so on. Besides, you can provide your new buyer with wholesome training materials, which will help him get the most out of your items.

  • Lead nurturing

Such email campaigns should be triggered as soon as the customers have downloaded a number of your top-of-the-funnel offers. If a person is interested in your webinars or eBooks, it might be a good sign that he is ready for a little bit more. Provide your potential client an incentive  to download other materials and order your products.

  • Re-engagement workflows

As a rule, companies have a number of inactive contacts in their databases. They can be re-engaged by means of appropriate email campaigns created on the basis of certain criteria. For instance, you can take into account their last website visits, email clicks, etc. Send them special offers or coupons, so that they could get excited with your company again.

  • Shopping cart abandonment workflows

If you see that someone adds certain products to his online shopping cart, but does not complete the purchase, you can motivate him to finish the started through a number of follow-up letters. Remind him of his forgotten purchase and offer a special discount code – it is a good variant to obtain a profitable purchaser with the help of CRM marketing automation.