Mutton or goat meat is one of the most commonly found red meat available in the market. It is tender, succulent and filled with flavour. The very thought of a yummy mutton dish is bound to make our mouths salivate. It is a rather tough meat and has strong flavours which have to be marinated and cooked appropriately to bring out the unique taste. There are many people who don’t prefer mutton because of it strong flavour and taste, but if you are one who does love it, there are quite a few recipes that from the different states of India which you can prepare to try something different than the regular mutton curry you usually make.

  1. Mutton Xacuti- this mutton dish originated from Goa. It is prepared by using some unique ingredients such as grated coconut, white poppy seeds and a mix of dried red chillies. These items are not usually used in the preparation of a mutton dish and this style was introduced by the Portuguese over here.
  2. Mutton Chettinad Kozhambu– the chettinad chicken is a quite famous dish of Tamil Nadu. This mutton recipe is quite similar to the chicken one. It is made with a lot of spices and the dish is hot. Spicy food lovers are going to enjoy this one.
  3. Mutton Rara– people of Himachal Pradesh came up with this recipe which uses two types of the meat, chopped up mutton legs and minced flesh. It goes well with tandoori rotis or naans.
  4. Nihari– Uttar Pradesh has a very unusual method of preparing this dish. It is mostly consumed in the daytime as it is made overnight, often by keeping it buried underground. This makes the mutton tenderer and the flavours reach to its bone marrow too.
  5. Mutton Curry– this is no ordinary mutton curry, it is a special one hailing from Andhra Pradesh. Andhra is well known for the different spicy dishes it provides and this is one of them. It falls among the most spicy mutton dishes of the list.
  6. Mutton Saaru- Karnataka came up with this coconut flavoured mutton dish, as are most other Kannada dishes. Along with coconut there are a lot more spices in it which gives it a different taste. A little bit of lemon is also added to give the dish a tangy twist. Usually it is served with steaming hot rice.
  7. Kohlapuri Mutton– the Maharashtrian Kohlapuri mutton is everything opposite of a bland dish. Kohlapur is famous for making a list of spicy food in the country and you can’t expect this dish to not be spicy. Your tongues might just die figuratively after eating this dish, but you also can’t escape the appeal of it.
  8. Lal Maas– this is a very popular Rajasthani dish. The name literally means red meat. But special spices are added to the dish to give it an extra touch of the colour. This also falls in the category of the spicy mutton dishes available in our country.