Why Buckinghamshire is perfect foryour outdoor wedding venue

Choosing your wedding venue can be very exciting and the venue we choose dictates so much about our wedding. For this reason we suggest looking into Buckinghamshire. The reason why thisis, is because it is a place with a consistentrelaxing atmosphere and this setting allows for the greatest chance of easy organisation but also some great opportunities for wedding photography and memories. Its proximity to London, Oxford, Birmingham and Wales, Buckinghamshire attracts people from various locations.

Buckinghamshire is full to the brim with various weddingvenues that would be perfect for your wedding. We shall start off with an outdoor venue such as a pavilion, for example “Pavilion at Lane End” ( https://www.thepavilionuk.com/ ). Set in 26 acres of verdant countryside, this location is surely going to provide you with the right backdrop for your outdoor wedding ceremony with great opportunities for wedding photography. The pros are vast. For one a natural backdrop is irreplaceable as there is nothing more beautiful nor breath-taking than having a wedding among mother nature. Outdoor venues are often far more spacious which means they can easy accommodate a lengthy guest list which some indoor venues severely limit.

Another venue, which might be considered the exact opposite of the pavilion is a full-blown estate such as “Chicheley Hall”. Your guests will be astonished by a drive through a tree-lined countryside road leading to a equally breathtaking venue. The Hall is a traditional, spacious Georgian country house with room for over 100 guests. Your invitees will not have to push, as the open corridors and room give enough space for the full procession. This venue will provide a memorable location with a serious backdrop for some high quality wedding photography as the lightning inside the Hall is just perfect for your weeding shot.

The next venue is a middle ground sort of location, called “Bisham Abbey”. Buckinghamshire’s countryside is filled with historical locations, and this is one of them. Formerly the home of Henry the VIII this venue by the river Thames will give you the best of both worlds, nature in abundance and a indoors venue that will awe any guest and is a perfect location for wedding photography. Spacious rooms as well as a fourteen metre aisle are just some of the amenities that this venue provides as the hall seats no less than 120 guests, comfort is assured.

The final type of venue is one where wedding photography is best and wedding photographers come into their own, namely the rustic “Dodford Manor” is the place to go if you are dreaming of a pastoral barn wedding.  Like many other venues in Buckinghamshire, the Manor provides you with the perfect synergy of outdoor and indoor possibilities with a fantastic rural backdrop which your wedding photographer just has to take advantage of. Take a stroll down the small paths surrounded by lavender or enjoy in the sun-bathed fields, the Manor gives you ample opportunity to do so.

Whatever type of wedding you dream of, Birminghamshire provides the ultimate setting for your special day and the luxury to tailor your wedding precisely to your requirements with fantastic moments for your wedding photography.