Do small businesses need cloud computing? Many owners of small businesses are not aware of the benefits of cloud computing for their company. Some are not even sure of what it is and how it can actually benefit their business. Cloud computing experts make the above simple for you. If you have a website or using an email account, you are already into cloud computing- it is as simple as that. All the mail servers that you use are examples of cloud computing- Google, Hotmail and Yahoo!

Cloud computing and why small business owners should opt for it

Rene Bostic is the VP of Cloud Technical Sales at IBM North America and she has many years of valuable experience under her belt when it comes to cloud computing. She says that cloud computing is not a new thing after all. It has been around for sometime but people and businesses are yet to fully optimize it for their business needs. This also applies to small -scale business enterprises. Besides email and web hosting cloud computing also has a number of key functions- photo editing, CRM software, email marketing software, HR and payroll etc are some of the important functions that cloud computing can do.

Affordable- save time and money for your business

Small businesses do not have to be scared of the costs of cloud computing. The good news is it is affordable and once resorted to can give you a wide competitive edge in your business. She says that when you were setting up a business say 20 years back you had to buy a personal computer for storing your data and information. You had to hire a skilled and qualified IT professional to run it in house and look after the PC. Now, the arena has changed.

All you need to do is contact a cloud computing service provider and keep your important data online. You do not have to waste money on a dedicated IT professional. Your data can be accessed from any remote part of the world. You just need to log in from a device or a smartphone to access it. This not only helps you to save money but it also helps you to save time.  You have the ability to focus on the key aspects of your business without tensions at all.

To make it simple for a small business owner, cloud computing just means that you have an application that is running for you on the web and not from the desktop. There is no need for you to install the application on your own desktop. The fee for cloud computing is often relatively small. This fee is a monthly fee and saves you from the one time huge costs on finance, marketing, administration, invoicing and other add- ons.

Rene Bostic says that when you are looking for a cloud computing service provider ensure that you check its credentials and track records. You should make sure that you choose a package that meets and matches the needs of your business without hassles at all!