Passage of time puts adverse effects upon all things including your valuable cars. They may undergo deterioration of paint that faints and gives shabby looks. Accidents on the road may also cause huge damage to the paint of your car for which car paint repairs are needed.

Those thinking to get their car paints repaired by the reliable repairers should ensure that the latter are equipped with the following tools:

  • Air compressor – This is the most important tool that a car paint repairer should have with him or her. Using a 240V 60 gallon with a 5-7 HP setup air compressor is the right choice. It goes well with painting the car or other large vans in perfect manners. Larger sized compressors work better as regards repairs of fainted car paints. Painting the touch ups etc may need the 25-35 gallon air compressors.
  • Spray gun – Such guns may also be necessary for painting the cars in full or removing the defective paint and repairing the same in perfect manners. Less wastage of paint and less overspray can be ensured with these guns that facilitate improved direct coverage on the panels. Use of German or Japanese high end guns is quite common these days.
  • Slide Hammer/Stud Welder – The car paint repairer booked by you must have one of these tools for rectifying the dents etc. Basic slide hammer with screws and hook adapters may also work well for pulling out dents. Electric style stud welder is also good. Perfect car paint repairs can be ensured with these spray guns that are a must for the repairer.
  • Auto body Hammer and Dolly Set – These tools are quite helpful in whipping the panels back into their original shape. Different hammers may be used for different purposes. Equipped with the wooden handles, these are also necessary for the car paint repairers when you approach them for paint repairs.
  • Dual Action Sander – This sander helps in basic sanding and body filler shaping as regards repairs to your car paint. Reasonably priced, this tool is useful in saving lot of time with regard to the paint repairs.
  • Auto Body Sanding Blocks – Perfect auto body car repair can be ensured with these blocks that go a long way in doing the task in reliable manners. Proper color sanding and buffing is possible with these tools that are helpful in cutting high spots. Low spots in the body work can be determined with these blocks that must be there in the toolbox of the car paint repairer that you book for your vehicle.
  • Body Filler / Bondo Spreader and Putty Knives – Perfect mixing of aka (Bondo) can be ensured with Putty Knives or the Bondo spreaders. Made with the plastic or metal, these tools are much helpful for repairing the defective paint of your car. Metal knives are more popular amongst the car paint repairers.

Possession of the above tools is necessary for perfect car paint repairs and saying NO to defects.