Health Problems regarding Pregnancy

One of the most extensive and intricate part of human body is the digestive system.  It covers an area from mouth to rectum. This digestive system has got a lot of importance like fluxing waste material out of the body. It is also responsible for the absorbing the nutrients from the food. However along with its vast range of functions, numerous problems are also associated with it. These problems include abnormal changes in digestion and also in the process of absorption via digestive system. The problems include diarrhea, indigestion, constipation, ulcerative colitis, colon cancer, irritation in bowel, Crohn’s disease and many more.

Pregnancy and digestion

Pregnancy in a woman’s life is the most awesome time to be around. It is always magical to feel the change in the body along with days of gestation as the growth of that little being continues.However this physiological changes are also associated with a lot of hormonal change and adaptations that can cause a plethora of digestive system discomforts. It also weakens the systems. Different digestive problems, like indigestion, gas,diarrhea, and heartburn, are all very much common during pregnancy. Poor eating habits, fitness problems and the pressure of the growing baby over the intestine also adds to these symptoms.

Management of digestive problem

Pregnancy digestion medicine includes normal medicines that can be normally used in non-pregnant peoples. During pregnancy due to pregnancy hormone the muscles and the wall of the intestine rests resulting into slowed digestion. This digestion problem can be improved by drinking a lot of water, which will help in proper flushing improving digestion; eating high fiber food, speeds up metabolism helping or improving the digestion; Regular exercise, can keep the mother healthy as well as keeping healthy digestive system also; Reduction of fat rich food; managing stress thus faster digestion; eating in small amount but in continuous interval keeping proper schedule etc.

Epilepsy and Pregnancy

Epilepsy happens to be a chronic disorder with recurrent seizures. It is the fourth most occurred neurological disorder in the world. Seizure is a sudden abnormal electrical activity occurring in the brain that is causing the abnormalities.

  • A simple seizure Symptoms include:
  • Alterations in taste, smell, hearing, sight, touch etc.
  • Dizziness
  • Twitching and tingling of limbs.
  • A Complex seizures Other symptoms include:
  • staring blankly
  • unresponsiveness
  • repetitive movements
  • awareness loss etc.

Epilepsy medicines during pregnancy are available but they also come with greater risk factors like miscarriage, lower baby heart rate, premature labour etc. Doctors generally prescribe multivitamins containing folate, as it can check birth defect problems. Vitamin K is useful for epileptic condition which are taken by the pregnant woman that can also prevent bleeding problems (rare) in newborn.


These problems like digestion and epilepsy might be very common disorders in normal peoples but in pregnancy it can cause a lot of problem to the child. So a careful attitude should possessed to consult to doctors at the very advent of these conditions. Drugs are all available for these problems still every physician prescribe alternative way to treat them. So stay healthy and stay safe as a mothers safety essentially guarantees the little ones safety.