Do you need to have, around-the-clock, a vehicle or a fleet of delivery trucks on the road to deliver your goods to the clients? No matter whether you run a small firm or a large business, if you possess or need to operate vehicles, you carry equally the same risks as a well established large business. You would be at risk arising out from some accident that can damage your vehicles, and might also bring about injury to your employees or the third party.

Schedule a formal Commercial Auto Insurance appointment today, and see how this policy can help you. Commercial auto insurance protects you from the ruinous liability claims coming into being due to an accident damaging your vehicle. Normally, it is offered on vehicles owned by a commercial firm. It includes-

  • Coverage for damages associated with bodily injury to the third party for what you are under the law legally liable.
  • Coverage for the basic and necessary medical expenses for the people that are accidentally injured while riding in your vehicle, or even while getting in or out of it.
  • Coverage against the medical and hospital bills, or loss of wages or service costs associated with any injury to you or your guest accidentally injured while in your vehicle.
  • Coverage against uninsured motorist. This means, it allows you to rejuvenate accidental bodily injury where the other party doesn’t have the legally liable liability insurance.
  • Coverage against insured motorist. It allows you to recover accidental bodily injury where the other party is legally liable, but does not have sufficient liability limits.

Running a business is expensive and it can add up almost immediately. As matters stand, you need to and should save wherever possible. Lets have a look on the best tips on saving cash on your commercial auto insurance.

Most essentially, be careful while choosing drivers. Signing drivers with poor driving records would most likely cost you more to insure. Drivers with accidents or tickets are considered to be higher risks and hence the insurance companies would charge accordingly more. On top of that, a driver holding poor record could be a nightmare, as they can bring in safety issues for you and most likely increase the costs of your auto insurance coverage. Hire a driver that owns a commercial driver’s license. This may economize your premium amount.

Many insurance service providers offer bundling discounts. You can get this discount by bundling up several vehicle policies or a mixture of auto policies with a commercial insurance policy. Sometimes, depending on the offers, personal policies can also get bundled with your commercial auto insurance.

Paying out your insurance premiums through electronic funds transfer can also bring you another discount. This method ratifies the insurance provider of getting your set amount of premium on a specific date, and you, being a busy business person, save you time and the hassles of making monthly payments online or by mail, as your premium payments will be withdrawn automatically from your checking account. Paying out your auto insurance premium in the full amount might also result in a good discount. Like, your insurance premium might get reduced if you pay the amount in full or early.

You might have heard about fleet discounts! Like, if you are up to purchase new or additional commercial vehicles, verify the number of vehicles required to get this fleet discount with your insurance provider. The discounted premium of your fleet insurance would help reduce your expenses. Additionally, a fleet policy will allow you to pay a single premium for the entire fleet. This again saves you time and hassles.

Moreover, while determining premiums, an insurance provider would also consider the type of vehicle you want to insure, besides the age, sex and past records of the driver. Remember, vehicles with frequent theft incidences would cost you more, whereas vehicles that comes with lower repair costs are far cheaper to insure.

Schedule an appointment for the Commercial Auto Insurance, with an insurer, today, and educate yourself more about the helpful and necessary commercial insurance policies. And, manage your commercial auto insurance premiums to the minimum amount by choosing good and well experienced drivers, insuring bundling policies and buying vehicles that are less costly to repair.