In humans, most functions of the body are controlled by the brain, with the help of a complex network of nerves. The brain communicates with the rest of the body through the nerve fibres by sending electrical impulses through those nerves to the various muscles and organs of the body. This system of nerve fibres and the brain is called the nervous system. The study of this nervous system is called neuroscience. Neuroscience is a fascinating subject and is a highly sought-after field in medical training.

In India, there is a rising case of neurological disorders such as Alzheimer’s disease, epileptic seizures, movement disorders, motor neurone disease and various others. Usually, these types of neurological disorders appear due to old age, but they may also appear in new-born children due to difficulties during pregnancy of the mother, and also in any point of time in a person’s life, due to various accidents and even some diseases. Recent surveys have estimated that about an average of 3000 people per 100000 of the population or almost 30 million people in India suffer from various neurological diseases. Treatment of these diseases requires specially trained doctors and medical professionals and can only be done in well-equipped hospitals. Thus, families of these patients often are in search for the best neuro hospitals in India.

The Top Essentials in Determining the Quality of Treatment in a Hospital

  1. Availability of doctors – Doctors are the most important part of any hospital. A hospital may only be deemed as world-class if they have highly qualified and experienced doctors on their team, who will be able to provide the best care for their patients.

    2. Standard of Equipment – Along with a team of highly experienced doctors, the availability of world class medical equipment makes the quality of treatment provided by a hospital that much better. Usually in India, imported equipment from Germany, USA and Japan is most sought after and is believed to be the best in quality.

    3. Infrastructure – Usually, the most common problem with hospitals in India is the unavailability of beds. This forces many patients to go without treatment. Thus, the top neuro hospitals expected to have a large number of beds to meet the demand of patients and to provide necessary care to as many people as possible.

    4. Affordability – Arguably, the most important criterion of any hospital is the affordability of its care. High medical bills and lack of medical insurance often stand in the way of life-saving treatment of a patient. So, the goal of a top hospital is to provide the best care and facilities to the patients at the most practical costs.


The rise of a number of neuro hospitals in India has been a blessing to all the patients, and has been an important factor in the field of medical tourism, where the patients and their families from small cities or towns visit metropolitan cities to avail the uses of the best neuro hospitals in India, usually to cities like Delhi and Mumbai.