There are many people who just love adventure sports. The kind of thrill and frill that comes up with such does pump up the adrenaline and motivates the person to undertake those ventures that are otherwise impossible for the average individual. It is a wrong misconception among many that Bangalore is just a city and there are no adventures around. The truth is that different types of events are held throughout the year and are meant for people of all ages and gender. In order to get the maximum satisfaction and happiness, one has to select the best adventure tour operator and program.

Enjoy parasailing in Bangalore


Event: Parasailing with Viking Aerosports

Date: Sunday, June 25, 2017

Time: 7.30 am

Organized by: Vikings Aerosports

Location: Jakkur Aerodrome Premises – North Bangalore

Fees: Rs.575/-

Details: Those who love adventurous sports are sure to love Parasailing, termed to be a recreational aero-sport activity. The individual in this sport is towed right behind a vehicle secured to a parachute. This is entirely different from that of paragliding. Beginners not having any adventure background can also enjoy participating in it. This sport is being performed under the strict supervision of an experienced, certified and knowledgeable ex-IAF officer as well as aeronautical engineers within a controlled environment.

Things to consider

Besides the above there are plenty of other activities that are held in Bangalore from time to time. Before planning to participate parasailing, it will be useful for the first timer to make sure that several things are taken into consideration. There is a need to ensure that the right steps are taken towards enjoying this form of adventurous sports to the maximum.

It is necessary for the person to maintain extreme precaution, check out the rules and regulations as well as the different guidelines that are set by the professionals. There is a need to follow stringently the guidelines in order to be safe. Not following even a single one may only cause the person to face hassles and problems and will not be able to enjoy the sport completely. At the same time, there is also involved the risks of accidents and even death if adequate precautions are maintained. The professionals will provide and take all the precautionary measures to ensure that this sport is thoroughly enjoyed by the first timer. But it is the individual, who has to be more careful and be sure that each and every step in the procedure is maintained prior to participating in the parasailing activity and while performing it. Nothing should be missed out.

This is such a game that the person, be it a man or woman is sure to enjoy it. Those who are adventurous at heart, brave and bold can try it. However, those having a weak heart, pregnant woman and children should stay away from it.

Overall, this sport can be thoroughly enjoyed by everyone and sure to make them remember and cherish it for a life time.