Have you noticed that your child is lagging in a language class like French, English or Spanish? Hiring a tutor can help them overcome this and remedy the situation. They can also help if your child doesn’t seem to be motivated to learn the new language.

Yet how do you go about finding the best French or Spanish tutor? Fret not, there are many qualified tutors who can help your child, and we’ll help you find the best one with these tips!

Check for Experience

Someone who has only spoken a language for a year or two simply won’t be as proficient as someone who has been speaking it for five to ten years. Similarly, a teacher who has been tutoring for years will have more experience than a teacher starting out. Still, that doesn’t mean you should avoid new tutors. It is always best practice to check the reviews or recommendations of your tutor beforehand. That way you can learn how their experience with the language has given them the skills to teach.

It can also be helpful if your tutor has previously worked with children of a similar age as yours. In this case, they are more likely to know the best teaching techniques for your child’s age group.

Ask for References

Any respectable Spanish tutor in London will be happy to offer references. In some cases, these may be reviews on their website. In other cases, they may give you the contact information of their references. Then you can call them to ask about the tutor yourself. If your tutor works through an agency, the agency may also have reviews that you can take a look at.

References serve several purposes. They show you which tutors are professional and take their work seriously. Then, they also enable you to look into the background of the tutor. That way you know whether their professional and personal traits will be a good fit for your child’s learning style.

Pay Attention to Their Rapport During Study Sessions

Remember that your child is the one who is going to be spending time with the tutor. Once you verify the tutor’s professional background, you also need to ensure they get along in-person. How good is he or she with your child?

If your tutor is a good fit they will get along with the child. It is important that they do get along otherwise your child may not get the best learning experience. You don’t want your child to become even more disinterested in studying because they don’t get along with their tutor.

Evaluate Performance

An excellent language tutor will help your child improve. They should be able to strengthen their conversational and written skills. You’ll know for certain your tutor is a good fit when you see improvement and consistency in your child’s performance at school, which you can tell by improving grades.

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