No need to break the bank to get connected.

Technology is one of the fastest moving sectors – almost every month sees a new release of one new concept or another. That makes it a difficult sector to keep up with and one that often comes with the highest price tag. However, if you’re desperate to get your hands on the latest innovations and refuse to be held back by budget, there is always a way without having to borrow – well not too much anyway.

Remember if you can avoid borrowing cash you’ll be saving on the interest and getting an even better deal.  This particularly important to remember if you have a bad credit record and would need a bad credit loan in order to borrow the money for the purchase. Even if you could get a secured loan at a low interest rate you will still be better off shopping around for a deal to stay in budget than borrowing.

Black Friday and Cyber Monday

In 2017 Black Friday and Cyber Monday are on 24th and 27th November respectively so there’s still some time to get ready for this mammoth event. These two shopping days have come to represent one of the biggest opportunities of the year, both for shoppers looking to snap up bargains and for retailers looking to make sales. Although Cyber Monday was traditionally the time to look for tech bargains, now you’ll find them across both days. And these aren’t just last year’s models or out of date versions. Shop during Black Friday and Cyber Monday and you can pick up the very latest tech at discounts of up to 70-80%. Some tech firms even do exclusive Black Friday releases.

What can you get? Smart phones (e.g. iPhone 8, Samsung Galaxy S8), laptops, gaming laptops, games consoles (e.g. PS4 Slim and even Microsoft’s Project Scorpio), the latest TVs (e.g. 4G HDR OLED TVs), DSLR cameras.

The annual sales

Retailers hold ‘annual’ sales pretty much all year round now and it’s not that difficult to find something on offer in any season. The Christmas and Easter bank holiday sales tend to be the best times to pick up tech bargains. Christmas in particular is when retailers offload all their stock ready for the new intake at the start of the year. Tech is a popular Christmas gift so, from the start of December onward, there are huge discounts to be found on a range of tech products, online and off. And there’s nothing that says you can’t buy these discounted ‘gifts’ for yourself. Plus, given the speed at which the tech world moves, what you’ll find in the sales at Christmas is often barely six months out of date.

What can you get? Laptops, PCs and computing equipment, tablets, smart phones, fitness trackers, smart watches, cameras, headphones and speakers.

Retailer promotions and discounts

You may not have thought that a tech giant like Apple offers much in the way of discounts on its high end products. However, if you’re in education or you work in public healthcare then you’re entitled to discounts of 10%+ – just get in touch directly with Apple to buy. Apple aren’t alone in this either – Samsung, Curry’s, Sony and Microsoft are just some of the other big brands and businesses that provide money off for those working in certain fields.

What can you get? These discounts and promotions are focused on groups such as healthcare workers, students and educators. However, they can often be extended to friends and family. Everything from laptops, to phones is covered.