In the present time, the job market is a cutthroat situation and only if you have anything distinctive to show than the other candidates; they only you can get that dream job. The fact is that nearly all companies look for employees who have experience in the particular field and thus the ones who are fresh graduates get the least possible chance. A professional internship can thus be a step towards your goal of successful career. Volunteer placements can also do you good as you can gain some valuable experience when working in charities, communities and nonprofit organizations. In addition to the experience, there are several other benefits of starting as an intern.

Alexander Potoczak is a college student from Hamilton College in New York. He has completed several internships which have assisted him to secure his approval in the Northeastern Ohio University’s College of Medicine. At MAI Capital Management, LLC, an independent SEC-registered investment advisor he has served as an intern.  

Listed below are some of the benefits that internship program offers:

It helps your professional network to expand. This program will give you the opportunity to work with the field’s professionals and they can help you with knowledge, guidance and referrals. In fact they can act as future employers in case they are overwhelmed with your service.

It helps you to gain a practical knowledge. As you know that only a theoretical knowledge cannot help an individual to make a prosperous career; thus it become important to get yourself enrolled in the internship programs. This program can actually give you an idea as to how the system actually functions. Moreover, you can get a chance to apply your theoretical knowledge here to get a better result.

It makes your resume look better and valuable. Top notch companies today look for work related experience when you apply for a job later as by showing that you have a certificate of internship you stand a much better chance of being considered.

Apart from all these, it helps you to find out your hidden capabilities and help you to develop new interests. Many skills of yours will be put to the examination when serving as an intern and in the long run you will find out other talents you have. You can also discover that you are fascinated to other new things and have new obsessions that can assist you to make a perfect career decision.

Alexander states that professional internship can give you an advantage over other applicants and thus it can help you to kick start your career path easily.

Besides having such vast valuable work- related experience; Alexander Potoczak is a passionate baseball player and has interest in both finance and politics. He is a student of Economics and is currently studying at Hamilton College. He is planning to specialize in economics and keep religious studies and biology as secondary subjects. He has vast experience in graduate level biology and stem cell research as well.