People with an eye for fashion probably noticed the micro sunglasses trend that prevailed over the summer of 2017. That trend is on its way out with the warmer clothes and darker colors of fall, but what a ride micros enjoyed between May and August. Vogue magazine went so far as to describe the “teeny, tiny, microscopically small sunglasses” as the “predominant trend for Instagram lovers everywhere.” It is hard to argue with that.

Seeing celebrities like Bella Hadid and Zoe Kravitz saunter around in their micro sunglasses left one to wonder how much protection against the sun their eyewear choices actually provided. The answer is surprisingly simple: very little. But that is not the point. Micro sunglasses are not about protecting the eyes against potentially harmful ultraviolet rays. They are about looking good. And for the record, there is nothing wrong with that.

Designer eyewear, like the styles designed and manufactured by Utah-based Olympic Eyewear, are meant to capture the attention of the buyer first, then protect the eyes second. There is a certain portion of the buying public that will not purchase anything they know will not give them adequate eye protection. But there is an equally large portion that cares more about looking good while out in public.

Minimalism or Something Else?

All sarcasm and humor aside, what exactly was behind the popularity of micro sunglasses this past summer? Was it a desire to embrace minimalism, or was it something completely different altogether?

It is a legitimate question to ask given the fact that ugly sunglasses are in for the fall. And when we say ‘ugly’, we mean oversized, obtrusive, and highly unflattering frames that do nothing to improve one’s personal appearance. If there is a simple beauty in minimalism, what is the point of the ugly trend?

Perhaps it is about nothing more than generating buzz by donning something new. Maybe the fashion-conscious continually buy designer sunglasses solely for the purposes of shaking things up. As the teenagers of the early 2000s used to say, keep it fresh.

The one thing we can say is that micro sunglasses are already on their way out. They don’t fit well with the fall and winter fashion choices due to their relatively small size in comparison to bulky jackets, gloves, and hats. But it may be that they make a return next summer. We’ll have to wait and see.

Keeping up with Changing Tastes

Olympic Eyewear says the lesson to be learned among companies in the eyewear business is that keeping up with changing tastes is a never-ending process. The styles people want today are not likely to be what they want tomorrow. Of course, there are some exceptions.

For every iteration of micro sunglasses and their ugly counterparts, classic aviators have remained a stalwart style across multiple generations. The aviator is a classic for people who buy one pair of designer sunglasses and hold on to them until they break.

For everyone else though, changing styles are as important as changing seasons. The fashion-conscious need that new pair of designer sunglasses whenever designers say it’s time to switch. That’s fine for companies like Olympic Eyewear that make their money by following the trends.

This past summer offered a good run for micro sunglasses. From beachgoers to runway models, everyone willing to spend on designer labels wanted a pair. Many of them posted their selfies on Instagram just to show the world they were with the times. That’s the way it goes, and there’s nothing wrong with that in a society that values individuality.