Chris Evans is a famous Hollywood actor more well known for his role as the first avenger, Captain America. While the development of his muscular physique is in line with that of the superhero icon, a lot of people were quick to jump to conclusions about the actor using steroids for gains to bulk up for movie roles such as Mr. Steve Rogers.

Although it is quite common for people especially actors to gain and lose muscle mass depending on their movie roles, the question about them using steroids to help them gain bulk fast is often thrown into the air. Such is why a lot of people questioned Chris Evans’ physique after seeing him transform from a scrawny Steve Rogers (which was CGI made of course) to the big and buff Captain America.

Without real basis 

These “accusations” were usually thrown by people who assumed that Mr. Steve Rogers used steroids to gain mass without real knowledge about how steroids actually work. People who use steroids on a daily basis actually say that Chris Evans’ gains were natural and not due to steroid use since he had ample time to develop those gains before the start of the shooting, around over a year of time to develop gains. More than enough time to develop them naturally.

Money matters

Aside from having ample time to gain the superhero physique that Captain America has, Chris Evans also has the resources to fund his training. From top trainers to routines as well as nutrition plans and diet plans, all specialized to get him the gains he needs for his superhero physique, which means he doesn’t need to spend on steroids to get the superhero gains he requires for the film.

Computer steroids 

While most of the muscle mass dear ol’ Cap has during the film was gained through natural means, some of it was created using CGI, which was also responsible for creating scrawny little Steve Rogers. This just goes to show that not all gains in movies are a result of anabolic steroids, some are due to computer generated gains.

No visible side effects 

There are always visible side effects that relate to using steroids. Though the risk of getting side effects are lessened when the dosage of steroids is also minimized, Chris Evans’ physique does not show signs of steroid use, or so say the experts which just further supports the claim that he has never used steroids to bulk up for the role of Captain America.

Common side effects that can be visible are signs of hair loss, skin discoloration and changes in facial structure among other changes and these are not visible in Chris Evans.

In context, there is no real proof or basis as to whether Chris Evans used steroids for his role as Steve Rogers, the first Avenger. Evans even claimed that he has never touched nor got near to a steroid much less use it and his claims are backed up by the fact that he doesn’t show the side effects which can be gotten by steroid use.