Busy professionals around the world might be working with clockwork precision, and might be timely at every meeting and every deadline too. But what happens when one fine day, their body and mind co-ordination stops or falters and they feel like lying in and throwing the alarm clock away. This is the first sign of work pressure and yet if one tries to jump on his feet and get to work, something might seem amiss.

This is the reason, people might try to go for trips big and small whenever they get time. Time and money are two big constraints that often come in the way of going on a holiday. But when it is you who needs a break, just make sure that you take that break. A long holiday always requires you to take a long leave from work. It would also require you to figure out the people who shall go with you on your trip.

Professionals these days believe in going on many such short-trips. These are trips to the nearest beach resort or to the hill station after a car drive of up to four hours only. These are easy to access and yet, not very close too. Lisa Dudzik in Australia is one such professional who is otherwise busy at her workplace all year. But when it comes to traveling, she does not stop at anything. There are however, a few people who go on planned and elaborate trips, which would require them to travel halfway around the world too.

Factors that would matter to a traveler or a tourist:

Are you going to be a traveler or a tourist? If you are planning to go solo and in a short notice, and take things as they come, then it is fine when you are going to a place not very far off. If your passport is fine, you just have to go and get all your things ready and you are ready to go.

If you are going with your spouse, or family, then the real issue of touring with planning might crop up. Traveling with toddlers, or infants mean plenty of warm clothes for them, and all of their medicines should they ever face any problem on the journey.

As a solo traveler, or even if you travel in groups and do not mind in sacrificing your basic comforts for the sake of adventure, then there are a plenty of places that you may try going. Just fly over to the country of your choice and then live off your backpack and sleeping bags. Camping out is a great idea too if you are game to living life on the edge and if you are also aiming to spend all night, stargazing. Lisa Duzdik has traveled to many countries too and her primary focus has been to collect memories from wherever she goes. This is indeed one of the main things you ought to focus, and that is what shall make traveling unforgettable and relaxing.