Collecting and building model vehicles such as planes, tanks, ships, and more can be a great hobby or pastime to engage in, especially if you’re interested in how certain vehicles work and the history behind them. Many people who get involved in the hobby of building and collecting model crafts do so through friends but you can start your hobby at any time, any way that you would like to.

One of the most memorable models that you’ll ever buy is your first. The first model you buy will create a lasting impression on you and hopefully, you’ll treasure it forever. To help, below is a quick guide to choosing your first model.

Size, Scale, and Complexity

As a beginner, you won’t want to try tackling anything too large. The reason is that smaller-scale models are easier to handle. For your first time, you’ll want to start off with something that isn’t too challenging. Once you try out some simpler models, you can slowly work your way up to more complicated models. Also, keep the complexity minimal for your first model but keep good quality in mind.

Type of Model

There are many types of models to choose from. Here are a few main types:

  • Aircraft: This includes planes, helicopters, etc.
  • Military Vehicles
  • Cars/Motorcycles
  • Ships


You should always keep a reasonable budget in mind when choosing a model to purchase. Models range greatly in design and price so you’ll need to set and stay within a range for best results. For your first model, try to buy something of quality at a moderate price point. Be sure to find Kent model shops that offer the variety and quality you want at a reasonable cost for you.