Whilst some funeral services are religious in nature, some funerals are conducted with other themes in mind. For example, alternative funerals are featured today that highlight humanist or non-religious themes. If the deceased person was not religious, this type of service is often a viable choice.

Using the Services of a Celebrant

During a non-religious service, a celebrant often performs the role of vicar in leading the ceremony. A celebrant may be affiliated with the following organisations:

  • The Institute of Civil Funerals
  • The British Humanist Association

The celebrant may also operate independently.

A Themed Funeral Service

In some instances, funeral services in Dursley centre on the deceased’s favourite pastime or favourite movie. Some of the ideas that have been included in this type of theme include the following:

  • Star Trek images and dress
  • A funeral journey on a boat
  • A coffin adorned in sheet music

Pre-planning a Themed Service

In each of the above settings, the service focused on the decedent’s favourite movie, pastime, or his or her vocation. When pre-planning a funeral service, you may want to consider this type of themed service. Everything is done to keep the event centred on the celebration of the honoured person’s life.

Personalising a Funeral to Your Preferences

Whatever type of funeral you choose, it is important to personalise it to your preferences. By taking this approach, you can make the event memorable as well as reverent. A host of services are available from which to choose, along with different financing arrangements.