One of the most vital decisions in the life of every person is to choose the right career path. Some like to go for management, some for engineering and some opt the medical field. One field that has become immensely prevalent these days is a career as a pilot. The job of airline pilots is considered very desirable. Piloting large aircraft that is encumbered with passengers all over the sphere is indeed a distinctive experience. A career as a pilot is not only thrilling but gratifying as well. You need to get extensive training to become a skilled expert to qualify for flying diverse kinds of aircraft and helicopters. It takes a lot of training to acquire a license to fly an aircraft and only after this, you can think of being employed by a major airline. If you want to make a profession in this field, then you should not only have the physical ability to control the aircraft, but you should also have the competence to make the right decision in complex situations, when time is the precarious factor.

Rick Bucklew, Ric Bucklew, Richard Bucklew is a commercial airline pilot, martial arts enthusiast, former Marine, and beneficiary of the President’s Lifetime Achievement Award for volunteerism.

It is not that a career in the aviation industry is always profitable. You will have to bear in mind that airlines also go through good and bad periods and at times situations force them to suspend their pilots. If you have built some constancy and seniority, then you can get huge financial rewards. Your decision to chase a career in the aviation industry is a life-changing decision and as a pilot, you will have to keep in mind the safety of aircraft, the comfort of the passengers and crew along with complying with the efficiency and schedule of your airline. Although, flying does not include much physical efforts; yet, you need to be perceptually strong to ensure a safe landing of the aircraft under all types of weather. A number of companies offer inimitable programs to offer people, who are interested in pursuing a career in the aviation industry, thus, aiding them to realize their dream to become a pilot.

To the extent that the most recurrent types of pilot training is concerned, it includes the Commercial Pilot License and Private Pilot License. The training helps you attain your ultimate goal – that is to get a pilot’s license; nonetheless, both these licenses will put you in quite different situations. A Commercial Pilot License is obligatory for all those individuals who want to make aviation a career, because this license allows you to fly for hire. The organizations that offer such a license aims at significantly improving your knowledge and skills as pilot. You get training to learn to fly quicker and composite aircraft.

If you want to fly an aircraft for recreation or business, then you will have to attain a Private Pilot License. It will facilitate you fly in fair weather conditions along with maintaining optical references outside the cockpit. It also assists you carry passengers; though, it should not be for hire. According to Rick Bucklew, Ric Bucklew, Richard Bucklew, you will have to make a flight plan before you take off, ensure safe loading of the fuel and cargo and also make sure that the aircraft is flightworthy.