A civil engineer is a professional engineer who specialises in the construction as well as the maintenance of natural and man-made environments. They are tasked with the construction of bridges and other urban features, along with devising feasibility reports and working on the constructions of different types of buildings. However, this is just a very broad description of what a civil engineer does. In truth, their job description is highly specific and focused on completing a variety of tasks.

In the beautiful South Eastern city of Oxford, there are plenty of different construction projects that have been launched over the past few years. Being the 52nd largest city in the United Kingdom, it is continuously expanding and now has a population of almost 168,000 people. Local engineering companies that hire civil engineers in Oxford generally offer a number of different services to their customers. Here are some of the services that reputable companies such as Red Lime Engineering offer.

Ground Works

If you want construction done on a ground-related project, such as the construction of a road or a driveway, you will need to contact a civil engineer. They will create a feasibility report for the region and then determine the best route for laying down the road while causing minimal damage to the environment. Civil engineers are required to create detailed feasibility reports that highlight the impact on the environment as well as conduct a cost-benefit study before work begins. Civil engineers will also have to be on the site to ensure that work goes according to plan.


There’s a complex system of drain pipes running underneath the ground, and civil engineers are tasked with making sure that the drainage systems continue running smoothly. If new drainage systems need to be laid down, or if maintenance work needs to be done, civil engineers will have to be called to the scene. Simply digging up drain pipes without the proper care and maintenance is not the right way, and civil engineers are required to carefully investigate and devise a plan before work begins.


Civil engineers are also required for carrying out underpinning and piling work. Before construction begins on a new building, it needs to be properly underpinned to ensure that the foundation of the building remains strong and won’t sink due to the excessive weight on top of it. Therefore, underpinning work needs to be done by a qualified civil engineer with the right amount of experience.

Hard Landscaping

Before construction work begins on any property, hard landscaping work has to be carried out to prepare the ground. Landscaping work includes digging and excavation and needs to be done under the supervision of civil engineers. The engineers decide the depth of the landscaping work to be carried out as well as cater to any important issues that arise.

Companies such as Red Lime Engineering offer all of these services and many others to their customers, so you should contact them for further information or to get a quote.