In the United States, a C Corporation is the most common type of corporation. C Corporation or C Corps offer a vast potential when it comes to the sale of stocks which be very helpful in inviting investors. With C Corps, there is no limit on shareholders. Whether you want to have only one shareholder or a number of shareholders of your corporation.

            Windsor is offering C Corporation as one of the corporation order packages that you can choose from. But before choosing the C Corporation, it is best that you know the advantages of this package. So here is some basic information about C Corps that you should know of before making a decision.

 Advantages of a C Corporation

            There are plenty of advantages when it comes to choosing C Corporation. But here are the most important advantages that you should know of, and why you have to consider choosing C corp.

  • Limited Liability. With the C Corporation, there is a limit when it comes to liability. This applies to the directors, as well as the officers, and even the corporations’ shareholders and employees.
  • Existence. Unlike other companies that when the owner leaves, it also means that the company will close down. With a C Corp, there is nothing to worry about if in any case that the owner leaves, especially if the corporation has a number of shareholders.
  • A High Potential For Growth. Because of the sale of stock, there is an unlimited potential when it comes to growth.
  • Unlimited Shareholders. As mentioned above, C Corp does not have any limitations when it comes to shareholders. But when the company reaches $10 million in its assets and say there are 500 shareholders, the corporation needs to be registered with the Securities Exchange Act.
  • Tax Advantages. With C Corp, you can enjoy different tax-deductible expenses of the business.

C Corporations of Windsor Corporate Services

            Windsor is offering two packages when it comes to C Corporation Orders. There are the standard and the ultimate packages. The Standard Package will include a lifetime customer support, the orders are processed in 24 hours, the company will prepare and file all of the formation documents needed, and these documents will be delivered electronically on the same day.

            The Ultimate package will include all the benefits of the standard package. Aside from that, you will also be provided with the certified copy of all the formation documents. There will be Customized Stock Certificates as well as Minutes & Bylaws. This will also come with a Full Corporate Kit that every corporation needs. The state filing fees for the ultimate package will be expedited.

C Corporation – Is It Right For You?

            Even though C Corporation is a very common type of corporation, still, this is not the perfect choice for everyone. It is best that you know what you will need. Do a little research about C Corporations first before you make a decision. Check our the C Corporation Package offered by Windsor Publishing Inc. Be informed before you decide. To know more visit here .