Civil engineering is a complex arena where the experts need to work hard to ensure the timely completion of a construction project. Moreover, as the lives of many people depend upon the structures they build, these professionals need to be ensure its safety and durability. Like specialists in other occupations, the practitioners of this profession face many obstacles when come to implementing various projects. This is the reason why it is necessary for civil engineers to have exemplary project management skills to ensure the timely completion of project in hand. Moreover, such skills are necessary to ensure that structure complies with all the statutory regulations regarding its safety for public use.

Meet an exemplary civil engineer and project manager

V. Reddy Kancharla has been in the civil engineering profession for the last 25 years and has a reputation of having unique project management skills. He is from New York and all his clients admit that he personally supervises all the construction projects he undertakes with keen eye for detail and precision. He emphasizes a competent civil engineer needs to have certain inherent qualities when it comes to handling a construction project. Being able to handle and supervise people from diverse backgrounds and skill sets is one such attribute. It is imperative for such a professional to coordinate, assess and evaluate the work of various labors, specialists and officers who contribute to the successful completion of a project. This implies having good analytical skills of overcome obstacles, being able to communicate effectively and being patient.

Subordinates who have previously worked under him in various construction projects consider him to a real model and an ideal mentor. Even his contemporaries and peers do not think twice when comes to asking him for advice on professional matters. Mr. Kancharla says that he enjoys every minute of his work and strives to be one of the most proficient civil engineers in the construction industry.

Why is it important to listen in this profession?

He elucidates that in the civil engineering profession, a practitioner need to adequate communication skills to facilitate the exchange of ideas in order to complete a project on time. This implies that the professional should be able work amicably with everyone on the field when it comes to building a structure. He admits that there are occasions when things do not go according to plan and differences of opinion do arise among various individuals. However, in such situations, it is imperative for a civil engineer to maintain his/her composure and be patient enough to find a practical solution to the issue.

V. Reddy Kancharla emphasizes that as the livelihood of many people depend upon the professional competence of a civil engineer, it is imperative for such a professional to bear the responsibilities of an effective project manager. It is imperative to ensure that the execution of the construction goes smoothly and to overcome all obstacles to ensure its timely completion. This is what sets a competent practitioner in this profession stand out among the crowd.