Yes, you have got in touch with the best bone transplant specialist in India, but how to proceed ahead? It is a process where a damaged bone marrow is being replaced with a healthy one.  The process is complicated and needs to be performed with a lot of care. This procedure is not available all over the world and patients do turn to India for their bone transplant needs. Why India scores over the other countries is the quality of treatment being performed at a fraction of a cost.

Bone marrow is a spongy and soft tissue that is an integral part of your bones producing blood cells. The implanted cells turn into fully formed blood cells.

Why people are turning to India?

India has left all countries behind when it boils down to affordability of bone marrow transplant. The cost of this operation could range from 10 to 30 lakhs. If you are tight on budget there are some trusts which will allow you to perform this operation at a nominal charge. But you would have to wait for a considerable time to get this surgery performed. The cost is dependent on the hospital, and the level of care that you expect.

By now you would have understood that the cost of bone marrow transplant is costly in the advanced countries which are virtually unaffordable. So patients are left with no other options than resorting to India as they know that quality treatment is being provided at fraction of a cost.

Why India works out to be a cost effective option?

Now let us understand on what tilts the balance in favour of bone marrow transplant specialist India

  • Currency rate- In comparison to the advanced countries of the world the currency of India is on the lesser side. This does make it a healthy proposition for the medical tourists coming to India on a large scale. Most of the medical staff in India speaks the English language fluently, so patients tend to be at considerable ease while interacting with them.
  • Competition- since India has gone on to become the Un official medical tourism hub of the world, the competition has stepped up a notch high. This is one of the reasons on why cost of bone marrow transplant has reduced drastically.
  • Charges of doctors- the fees of the doctors are less when you compare it to their counterparts worldwide. Two major reasons could be attributed to this. First is the number of doctors that are available here is on a higher scale and secondly has to be currency value. When you do offer the treatment at a lower value it does indicate cost reduction.

In the midst of all this the most important role has been played by the government. With their support it has become easy for the foreign patients to travel with ease. Visa on arrival is one facility that does attract a lot of patients. They do feel that this is one sector where a lot of focus needs to be put.